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  • John Lynly

    John Lynly

  • Karen Prats

    Karen Prats

    I absolutly believe in people and that things always happen for a reason. Co-founder & CEO @PopPlaces_es #entrepreneurship #smartretail #innovation

  • Sergey Solyanik

    Sergey Solyanik

  • Murray Newlands

    Murray Newlands

    Contributor Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag. Staff run, tweets from Murray are signed -mn. #MUSTREAD #motivation #leadership #bookclub #books

  • Dan Rubins

    Dan Rubins

    Founder & CEO @LegalRobot - a legal tech startup making the law less painful for everyone & improving Access to Justice

  • Nina Noelle

    Nina Noelle

    Entrepreneur, surfer, photographer, brand marketeer, and dreamer. Love web dev, people, travel, coffee, and good books.

  • Leah Nurik

    Leah Nurik

    GMG CEO, B2B & B2C tech addict, closet nerd, mom, aspiring poet, accidental and amateur philosopher. Tweets about tech, PR, marketing, M&A, and the #absurd.

  • Daniel Cazamian

    Daniel Cazamian

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