The maintenance model of the elevator industry, providing for 75% of its profits, is outdated and the four main OEMs are not countering the downturn.

The global elevator market is a hidden niche worth more than $90bn (source: Freedonia research), yielding massive cash-flows. The well-off elevator group of manufacturers, made…

uptime a 4 ans. Chez uptime, 50% de l’équipe est focus sur la R&D depuis la création. Nous travaillons sur une petite niche de sales gosses : les ascenseurs. …

After publishing a series of articles five months ago outlining our contrarian vision of the elevator market, we received a great deal of attention from top executives, industry experts, and equity investors. They asked us similar strings of follow-up questions, which can be summed up as follows:

  • Isn’t it simply…

How predictive maintenance can solve the global elevator problem, if executed with the right product vision.

Our previous article explored how the elevator maintenance business model is in bad shape:

  • It revolves around an outdated means vs. ends model in which the customers purchase maintenance visits and breakdown response.
  • This…

Augustin Celier


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